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Age Friendly Discount Program Benefits Businesses and Consumers

A senior African American woman working at a store at the mall, talking to customer who is paying by credit card. A shopping bag is on the checkout counter.

Over the past year, the Age Friendly Seattle team has worked to let more people know about the Age Friendly Discount Program. Our goal is to benefit both businesses and consumers—and help both realize their shared interests.

A screenshot of a video that explains the Age Friendly Seattle discount program.

Click on the image above to view the Age Friendly Seattle Discount Program video created by intern Ronya Tan.

Local businesses that participate in the program benefit from increased traffic and patronage from a growing population of older adults. Older people and adults with disabilities benefit from receiving special discounts from local businesses—helping them participate fully in their communities, despite an ever-rising cost-of-living that is particularly challenging for people who live on a fixed or limited income.

In reaching out to local area businesses, the Age Friendly Seattle team has seen first-hand that business owners and managers are aware of and honor the populations they serve. Many businesses already offer discounts in support of special populations, including older adults, so the step to join the directory is an easy one. Businesses that exist as part of a national chain and small businesses still emerging from an exceptionally challenging couple of years may find the decision to participate more complicated; however, we learned that most businesses want to—and do—support their community and see value in older adults as both customers and important members of our society.

We also learned that it helps to have “ambassadors” to invite local businesses to become part of the Age Friendly Discount Directory. You can help!

  • Do you know a business owner or manager who may be interested in joining the directory? Share our fun animated video!
  • Have a business of your own? Join the Discount Directory. We’ll give you a shout out on social media!
  • Ever wonder if your business is age-friendly? Visit our Age Friendly Business website. Take our two online assessments—one about customer service and one about employment. Download our Age-Friendly Business Resource Guide to find simple, low- to no-cost steps you can take to be even more age friendly immediately.
  • Are you part of a community-based organization that serves and supports older adults or people with disabilities? We’ve got you! E-mail to request Gold and/or FLASH Cards in bulk, which you can distribute to qualifying clients, patrons, or program participants you serve.
  • Are you aged 60 or older, or aged 18–59 with a disability? Or does that describe someone you know well? You can apply online for your own Gold or FLASH card—or help someone else do so—and view more than 110 discounts available to you in the Age Friendly Discount Directory.

An image that displays discount cards for people aged 60 and older or age 18-59 with a disability.Online application for Gold and FLASH cards is easy and accessible, with a choice of 16 languages. We receive approximately 200 requests each month. Add this to the hundreds of Gold and FLASH Cards our partners hand out at senior activity centers and community centers, Seattle Public Library branches, City of Seattle customer service centers, and more. Our collective efforts to support our city, its businesses, and residents continue to make a difference.

We love seeing increased momentum and traction for this program on all sides—and we hope you’ll join us by spreading the word! Visit the Age Friendly Discount Program online to learn more.

Meg WoolfContributor Meg Woolf coordinates Age Friendly Seattle’s age-friendly business and discount program activities.


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