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Maintain Your Independence with Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Are you struggling with independent daily living tasks? Do you find yourself holding print closer and closer to read it? Are you frequently asking others to repeat themselves because you can’t hear what they are saying? Or is your balance or mobility impaired, making it difficult to get around the house safely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Washington Access Fund is here to help.

We know that one of the hardest things in life is admitting that you can no longer do something the way you always did before. Labeling yourself as someone with a disability can be scary. Not only is there a stigma against disability, but many elderly people fear that by asking for help, a well-intentioned friend or family member will “step in” and try to change their life.


Staying in your own home is important, and we want to help make that possible for as long as it makes sense. With some simple home modifications and the use of assistive technology, you can continue to live the active, independent life you want.

For over a decade, the Access Fund has promoted access to assistive technology and economic opportunity for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our clients include many older adults with age-related vision, hearing, mobility, and cognitive conditions.

washington-access-fundWashington Access Fund offers low-interest (5%) loans for assistive technology needed for any purpose, including minor to large-scale home and vehicle modifications. The Access Fund can loan up to $25,000 for any type of assistive technology, including lifts and ramps, bathroom equipment such as hand rails and raised seats, environmental and remote control units, and safety equipment for those who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, such as flashing alarms and doorbells.

Assistive technology is broadly defined to include any device that maintains or enhances the functional capabilities of a person with a disability. Our affordable financing can also be used to purchase hearing aids, vision aids (such as closed circuit TV magnifiers), computers, iPads, and adaptive medical equipment.

Our services are available to individuals of all ages, with disabilities of all types, living in Washington and Oregon. There are no income limitations. Family members are also eligible to purchase equipment to benefit an individual with a disability.

The Washington Access Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit and certified Community Development Financial Institution. To learn more about this or other programs we offer, contact us at 206-328-5116 or

Contributor Andrea Travis directs development and communications at the Washington Access Fund. Previously she worked at The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. as well as with and Pacific Science Center.

Learn More about Assistive Technology

Want to learn more? The Washington Assistive Technology Act Program’s website sorts technologies by activity and by function: See more on Facebook @wa.assistivetech and on Twitter @watapwa.