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Puzzle: Building a Great Senior Exercise Program

WordfindDid you know that many geriatricians name physical activity as the top way to promote health and independence in our later years? Exercise lets us live longer, delays or prevents chronic diseases, promotes brain health, lowers the risk of falling, and reduces depression. And here’s some good news from Columbia University researchers: It’s better not to overexert ourselves, but instead to take part in a variety of activities. (See more about the study here.)

As we grow older, we can continue with many of our old favorite exercise habits…and why not add some new activities?  Check out the offerings at your local senior center, through parks & recreation or at your senior living community. Ask your doctor for a “prescription” for an exercise program that’s right for you. Almost everyone—no matter what their age or health condition—can benefit from adding more physical activity to their lives.

We highly recommend the following local programs:

If you’re still sitting down after this pep talk, check out this month’s puzzle, which contains 20 hidden words that you might hear in a conversation about a senior exercise program. Click here to download the puzzle.

Need a little help? Click here for the solution.

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