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Dementia Reimagined at Discovery 2020

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Last year I wrote a short article for AgeWise referencing six books I encouraged others to read. One of the books was Dementia Reimagined: Building a Life of Dignity from Beginning to End by Tia Powell.

Dementia Reimagined book coverIn this book review, I shared that Dr. Powell doesn’t sugarcoat or ignore the difficulties of dementia. Through the experiences of having supported her grandmother and mother—both of whom lived with Alzheimer’s—she shares personal and professional insights, recognizing that in spite of the diagnosis, there is still a lot of living to be done. There is time for creative engagement, artistic pursuits, doing the things you’ve always loved, and lots of joy.

With Dementia Reimagined, Dr. Powell is also honest about the costs, the demands, and how our systems are not structured to support us adequately as we age, especially with dementia. Dr. Powell offers ideas, solutions, and examples of organizations and people doing amazing things to change that.

Dr. Powell concludes with the assumption that she will eventually develop Alzheimer’s and maps out what she would like that to look like—music, family, friends, and lots of books. It’s not all doom and gloom. Education and preparation are key, and this book can help each of us and our loved ones anticipate what’s ahead and thoughtfully prepare.

In 2020, Dr. Powell is coming to Seattle and Lynnwood. On the evening of Tuesday, March 31, she will speak at Town Hall Seattle on “Building Joy and Dignity in the Face of Dementia.” Pre-registration is recommended. Admission is only $5 for adults and young people can attend this evening event at no charge.

Tia PowellThe next day, Wednesday, April 1, Dr. Powell will keynote Discovery 2020, the 35th annual Alzheimer’s Regional Conference—an all-day conference designed for healthcare and human services professionals at the Lynnwood Convention Center. In addition to her keynote presentation, Powell will facilitate two conference workshops.

Whether you read Dr. Powell’s book or attend her presentation, you will reimagine what Alzheimer’s and other dementias can mean in your future.

Keri PollockKeri Pollock is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Aging Wisdom, a care management practice based in Seattle. She has worked in the field of aging for over 25 years. Her personal mission is to provide meaningful, actionable information to people. She has served on the conference planning council for the Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter for 16 years.

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