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AARP Applauds Withdrawal of Health Bill

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The House leadership’s decision to withdraw the American Health Care Act from consideration in late March proves that the voices of Americans are very powerful. This harmful legislation would have added an Age Tax on older Americans and put vulnerable populations at risk.

Instead of this harmful bill, we encourage Congress to focus on the issues important to older Americans and their families, including: protecting and improving Medicare’s benefits and financing; providing access to affordable quality coverage; preventing insurers from engaging in discriminatory practices; lowering prescription drug costs; providing new incentives to expand home and community based services; and strengthening efforts to fight fraud, waste, and abuse.

AARP will continue to oppose legislation that would impose an Age Tax on older Americans, weaken Medicare, erode seniors’ ability to live independently because of billions of dollars in Medicaid cuts, and give sweetheart deals to drug and insurance companies while doing nothing to lower the cost of health care or prescription drugs.

The fight to protect health care and make it better for all Americans is far from over, and we have so much more hard work ahead of us. But you’ve proven once again that when everyday people speak out and organize together, we can make our representatives listen.

THANK YOU for your millions of phone calls and emails to Congress. You made this happen! Your voice was heard!

Contributor Jason Erskine directs communications for AARP Washington. AARP is a staunch advocate for healthcare coverage for all Americans. For more information about local AARP activities, visit