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King County Mobility Coalition Focuses on Inclusive Transportation Planning

Inclusive Planning Steering Committee

In June 2018, the King County Mobility Coalition (KCMC) was awarded a national grant by the Community Transportation Association of America and the Administration for Community Living to leverage an inclusive planning process to evaluate how people find and secure transportation in our region. The project encourages the use of inclusive planning processes by including the user in the discussion and developing programs designed to fit users’ needs.

The project focuses on improving transportation for all King County community members, with focus on older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers, including non-English speakers, low-income individuals, people experiencing homelessness, immigrants, refugees, veterans, and youth. The goal of the grant is to demonstrate the value that inclusive planning processes bring to coordinated transportation efforts. Earlier this year, the KCMC was awarded Round 2 funding to continue this work through the end of 2019.

Mobility For All logo2019 Inclusive Planning Process

There are two ways to get involved:

  • Serve on the Steering Committee. Oversee the whole inclusive planning process of this grant cycle by attending bi-monthly meetings and serving as an ambassador in the community.
  • Join a project work group. Dive deeper into the creation of one of our 2019 transportation projects by attending bi-monthly meetings to plan and enact change.

The KCMC has four main projects planned for 2019:

  • Community Transportation Navigators: Community members will be trained on alternative modes of transportation. They can in turn train other members of their community that may be looking for transportation information. The scope, curriculum, and compensation plan will be developed.
  • One-Call/One-Click: Develop a coordinated system that would simplify and improve the user experience in finding and securing transportation in our region. This platform would provide users with one phone number or website to both find and request rides.
  • Transportation Marketing Plan: Help improve the process by which local transportation agencies communicate with their customers and share service updates.
  • Inclusive Planning Toolkit: Create a resource that can be used as a reference guide for improving the inclusiveness of the King County Mobility Coalition, which would like to become a leader in inclusive processes in our region.

Transportation to meetings is available as well as a stipend to eligible community participants.

If you would like to take part in focus groups, project work groups, or the project steering committee, or would simply like to provide feedback, contact Janie Fredrickson, Mobility Program Specialist ( or 425-943-6744).

Photo at top and article both courtesy of the King County Mobility Coalition. Half of the Inclusive Planning Steering Committee represents older people, adults with disabilities and/or caregivers. The others are community organization partners. New members are welcome.