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Community Living Connections: The Right Kind of Help, When and Where You Need It

Sometimes you need a hand to hold

Are you an older adult who needs transportation? Have you signed up for utility assistance? Are you helping someone with a disability find suitable housing? Do you care for someone with dementia?

Community Living Connections can connect you with the right kind of help, when and where you need it. Call 206-962-8467 or toll-free 1-844-348-5464 (KING) and you will be connected to a caring, highly trained advocate who will give you easy access to information, individual consultation, and options for community resources. Staff can also determine if you or your loved one are eligible for certain programs and public benefits.

Community Living Connections staff members are called “advocates” because they will do whatever they can to get you the help you need. Advocates have specialized training and extensive knowledge about community resources that gives them the ability to answer questions and provide you with options.

All Community Living Connections calls are free and confidential. If you or someone you know faces aging or disability issues in Seattle or anywhere in King County, call today. You may also visit or e-mail