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Public Health’s In-Home Vaccination Launches Across King County

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Public Health is implementing a new vaccination program for individuals in King County who are unable to leave their homes. Through partnerships with local fire departments, pharmacies, and medical providers, our mobile teams are ready to deliver vaccinations to these residents where they need it most.

This is an exciting addition to King County’s multi-modal vaccination approach and continues our commitment to equitable vaccine delivery by removing barriers to access.

Who is eligible?

Eligible adults include people age 16 and older who:

  • Have not yet been vaccinated and
  • Have an injury, developmental disability, or medical condition that makes it difficult to leave the home and
  • Would require considerable and taxing effort to get vaccinated outside the home. 

Right now, appointments are limited and individuals with the greatest challenges leaving their homes will be prioritized. Once an eligible adult is scheduled, the team can also bring shots for any other adults in the home who have not already been vaccinated.

How can I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, call the King County COVID-19 Call Center at 206-477-3977 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST, any day. Language interpretation is available. You will be asked a few questions to confirm your eligibility for in-home vaccination, and if eligible you’ll be asked to provide verbal consent for vaccination. Family members and caregivers may call to request appointments on behalf of others.

If you meet the criteria, you will receive a call from the mobile vaccination team to schedule your appointment. At that time, you can indicate if you need interpretation services for your in-home vaccination. The mobile teams will provide phone-based interpretation and translated written materials during the visit. In some situations, we may be able to provide in-person interpretation. You can also tell the scheduler if you have family members 18 years or older in the home who also need vaccines.

Please note that due to high demand, it may take several weeks before your appointment is scheduled. If you are a Kaiser Permanente patient, please contact Kaiser Permanente Member Services at 1-888-901-4636.

What can I expect on the day of my in-home vaccination appointment?

A team of two or three people will come to your home and can administer the vaccine in the area that is most comfortable for you, including your bed or bedroom. Wear a short sleeve shirt or top to make administering the vaccine easier. After, the team will stay with you for 15 – 30 minutes to watch for any rare allergic reactions.

Please take a few steps to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone:

  • Make sure that everyone in your home wears a mask unless they are unable to for health reasons.
  • When possible, practice social distancing. If you are not receiving the vaccine, stay 6 feet apart from members of the vaccination team.
  • Keep pets out of the area where the vaccination takes place.

For more information about getting vaccinated in King County, visit

Originally posted April 19, 2021 on Public Health Insider.

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