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Puzzle: An Age-Friendly Community

A fit, senior Asian grandmother walks with her son and multi-ethnic granddaughters.

An Age-Friendly Community Wordfind.inddWhich features support the well-being of community members as they move through the stages of life? Are our cities and towns good places in which to grow old?

As we saw in the welcome message of this issue of AgeWise King County, Seattle and Puyallup are taking part in an innovative initiative designed to make our communities more age-friendly. Created by a partnership between the World Health Organization and the AARP and supported by a taskforce of local community partners, the initiative seeks to identify and improve areas that influence health and quality of life for seniors.

To help in the brainstorming process, give your brain a little exercise with the “An Age-Friendly Community” puzzle, which contains the names of several target items identified by the AARP. Click here to download the puzzle.

Need a little help? Click here for the solution.

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